Bats in the Budka

bat on wasp nest

If it walks, crawls, flies or slithers then chances are I’ve got one somewhere on my property. The old log cabin (budka) at the end of my garden is home to quite a few bats. This one is roosting from one of the multiple wasp nests we have about the place. There’s an immense wasp nest (football sized) just outside my younger boy’s room on his balcony, and it’s a very active one with wasps constantly flying about. Alex always leaves his balcony door open and they don’t seem to bother him so we’ve just left it there. It’s only really a problem when the occasional hornet visits on a hunting mission – and those things are big and scary.

I’ve got two wasp nests in the roof windows of my atelier, although I did have to wipe one out as I open that window often and they get really annoyed when I do. The other I’ve just left.

Here’s another visitor we get just to raise the cute factor a bit. I’ve had to move him twice in the last week because he keeps sleeping in annoying places – under wood piles we’re trying to move, for example. I love hedgehogs as they’re so docile and, with gloves, they’re pretty easy to pick up and relocate. It’s just such a shame that they’re absolutely crawling in fleas and ticks otherwise I’d let him live indoors…



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