Cheeky Inquisitive Beech Marten



I’ve always had problems trying to film Pine and Beech Martens because they can detect the Infrared from the trailcam. This young one was just plain curious and decided to check out the strange contraption. It’s a Beech (or Stone) Marten, an almost identical cousin of the Pine Marten. They’re all called kuna by the Slavs (it’s also the currency of Croatia – mistakenly translated as weasel on the TV programme QI – these are like giant weasels, somewhere between a ferret and a wolverine).

I haven’t had much luck lately capturing good footage of the local wildlife – most of the footage are just blurred glimpses of backs and sides, etc – so I was pleasantly surprised about this one. Shame it wasn’t a wolf or a raccoon dog but you gets what you’re given, ug, ug, ug…

This was filmed a couple of hundred feet behind the house (Eastern Slovakia, Carpathian Mountains). Last night we slept at the house and I could hear our resident one hammering around upstairs in the attic all night. Out in the bush they’re lovely but in a house they’re horrific – and I just can’t seem to get rid of them.


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