Cryptid big cat filmed in Slovakia

big cat cryptid

On the news here there was an interesting piece about a large cat, Beast of Bodmin style, which had been filmed in Eastern Slovakia, just 15 miles from where I live, close to the town of Bardejov. The attached photograph is a still from the video shown on the news site –

Experts have stated that it’s neither a lynx nor a wild cat and have suggested a lion or a tiger on the loose but to me it looks more cougar like. As my area is hilly and covered in dense forest, this cryptid cat has a lot of room to hide in. This certainly adds to the adrenaline of roaming through the bush.

A friend of mine lives only a mile or so from where the cat was photographed so maybe I’ll go visit him and we can go for a walk…. The Carpathian forest holds many, sometimes dangerous, secrets.

I love cryptids.

  • avatar image Reply Josh Gross 21 Jun 2016

    How interesting! The photo does look fairly cougar-like, and hilly temperate forests make great cougar habitat. An escaped pet perhaps?

    • avatar image Reply Edward 22 Jun 2016

      I’m definitely thinking escaped as they’re not native to here. Possibly from one of the wandering circuses rather than a pet.
      Great to see you on here, Josh! Thanks for visiting.

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