Mr Benn tattoo


Today I fulfilled an ambition I’ve had for several years – to get a tattoo of Mr Benn. He has been a great inspiration to how I live my life. Sadly, he is a neglected aspect of my childhood as, compared to modern cartoons, the artists who drew him were graphically challenged (and animatorily challenged). To me, he showed that every day you can choose again what you want to do in life and you can pursue your dreams.

I had the tattoo done by Veronica Ducerova at Atelier, Svidnik. And I am extremely happy. She understood exactly what was in my head and she managed to both create an image and then turn that into a piece of flesh art.compared to the big bearded bikers who gave me my early tattoos, she was unbelievably gentle – which is lucky as it took 3 hours.

The photo isn’t very good because the tattoo is still fresh and very reflective of light. I’ll upload another one after the swelling has gone down.

The problem with tattoos is that they are extremely morish….


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