Real Winter – the Thaw begins?


Months of snow and ice and now the melt begins. Temperatures are finally hovering above zero, which means endless slush and dense, dense fog akin to the pea soupers of Victorian London. Creepy but cool. Already, thoughts have turned to the tasks awaiting in Spring, and this year will be scary as we’re unsure what damage the winter caused to the house and garden. The front hedge is destroyed from the weight of the snow, as is the back fence. I fear the guttering will have collapsed, and the gate already needs replacing. It’s the waterworks which scares me the most, though. Taps, boiler and underground pipes (the worst possible). This behemoth icicle was hanging from my bath tap (faucet), which is not  good sign.


It looks like a dragon’s claw (or have i been playing too much Skyrim?). Winter can be a very costly affair and sorting it out reduces what I can do to actually advance. One step forward, two steps back. This thaw may still be a false Spring, with winter coming back for a longer run.

Before the fog set in we had some beautiful sunsets. This one’s over the town of Svidnik:


Having a long winter gave my dog, Sandy, time to catch up on his work, which is  good thing. Although, I wish he wouldn’t smoke so much.



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