The deck was designed by Edward O’Toole and Eris-X, and printed in the first week of May, 2007 as a limited run of 50 copies. We welcome offers to sell, distribute or even publish the Bestian Tarot around the world.


“Today the Bestian Tarot arrived from Slovakia. It is a full 78 card deck, and each card has a black background with the image set in the central space. Each image seems to act like a nimbus of light illuminating the dark space of the card. This is a rather fine production. It is in a small edition of only 50 copies, so will appeal to collectors and others drawn to this esoteric imagery”

– Adam McLean, The Artwork of Modern Tarot, June 4th, 2007

“The deck stands tall as the cards are a bit thicker than the average deck. Each robust card comes with a double Aestheteka averse tri-knot on the back and a jet-black background. The cards are laminated and give of a glossy sheen which compliments the beautiful and terrible modern-fusion art of Eris-X. The neon colors, images of historical and legendary figures, planetary and hermetic symbols all blend seamlessly together to create a beautiful tapestry of esoteric wisdom.

Each suit comes with a rather new zero through nine sequence as opposed to the traditional one through ten. Court cards portray classical images of legendary and historical figures, from King Arthur to Da Vinci to Dionysus, which convey the meanings of the cards.

But the Major Arcana is where this deck becomes truly innovative. It leaves behind the orthodox formula just enough to let the Aestheteka philosophy really shine through. No where is this more evident than in the ATU I, which is traditionally the Magus, in the Aestheteka Tarot Satan. The Gnostic Luciferian Hedonistic ideas of the Aestheteka system are interpreted and plainly displayed in the art of Eris-X, and the overall feel is a psychedelic trance of oscillating archetypes which promise to bend the mind and inspire the soul to heights of abstract intuition previously unknown.

Understanding the schema and attributions of the cards requires an in depth study of the Aestheteka system as presented in Edward O’Toole’s Sophia Bestiae and Grimiore Bestiae.

On the whole I am deeply pleased with the deck and plan to begin a course of meditation on the individual cards, to see what secrets and inspiration the intricate and alluring symbols might hold. The Tarot Bestiae makes for a wonderful ride through post-modern Gnostic Hedonistic Luciferian and Bestian Symbolism. Carl Jung would be proud.”

– Frater I.A., Magickal Paradigms, June 9th 2007

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