Oil Painting Handbags, Messenger and Tote Bags


Please note that bags are somewhat different to the other clothes in the range. Each bag has a unique oil painting on it. They are literally wearable works of art. As such, the time frame for making them is much longer (approximately 6 weeks due to how long an oil painting takes to make – about 2 weeks for the base layer to dry, up to a week for the painting and then the rest of the time for drying).

I guarantee that these are completely original and unique. We can discuss what sort of design, image or motif you would like me to paint. Below are a few examples of a nature motif:


Sunflower Tote Bag

(oil paint on jute)

sunflowerbag2 sunflowerbag1 sunflowerbag3

Flowers Messenger Bag

(oil paint on heavy cotton)

flowerbag3 flowerbag2 flowerbag1


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