Hand Painted Clothing

A painting on a canvas is often a private affair, hung on the wall at home or in the office, for only a limited number of eyes to see. I wanted to put my art out into the public eye, to combine function and aesthetics. I wanted to make wearable art.

My favourite item of combined function and aesthetics, and probably the ultimate symbol of such in the world, is the Japanese Katana – but these tend to be quite uncomfortable when worn, and may attract the wrong sort of attention in the office…. Therefore, I concentrated on clothing, footwear and accessories, sticking only to natural fabrics such as leather, cotton, hemp, jute and silk.

Due to the highly personal nature of choosing clothing, rather than buying, painting and then selling specific items, I based my business model on breathing new life into well-loved items or to new items the client has bought yet wants to give that extra touch of individuality.

Because it is all about individuality.

Anyone can buy a mass-produced print from a high street chain store but not many can proudly say that what they are wearing was individually designed for them. In this modern world of clone-like trends, it is good to make a statement.

Be original and true to yourself.

Have a look through the various styles and choose what fits your own personal style the best:

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