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Forest walk (with photos)


Today we (my wife, eldest son and myself) went for a very pleasant walk through the forest at the top of the hill behind the house. The journey took several hours and was quite hard going due to the steep climb on an unused forester’s trail, but the forest looked stunning with flowers growing everywhere. […]

Trail cam animals – boar, wild cat, marten

wild boar infrared

This is the weekly round up for the beginning of May. This morning the sun was shining so I hopped on my motorbike, Feisty, and set off for my village house. Once there, I donned my bush garb and traipsed across the now overgrown meadow to go check on my trailcam – I had a […]

Montagu’s or Hen Harrier?


I was stunned to see this harrier flying around while out walking behind the house. I’ve never seen one here before. I’m unsure whether it’s a Montagu’s Harrier (Circus pygargus) or a Hen Harrier (Circus cyaneus) as it has identifying marks which associate (and refute) it with both. The black above-wing line makes me lean […]

Wild boar sow and piglets


Terrible photo as she’s about 1 kilometre away, at dusk and taken with my damaged-lens Canon SX700HS on full zoom (hopefully a new camera will come this week). Initially we spotted her as a large black lump crossing a field while going on our usual daily walk. It’s the first boar I’ve seen this year, […]

Animal roundup for my birthday week


I’m really starting to get disappointed with what I’m capturing on trailcam and it looks like I’m going to have to set it up in a different area. Like I said in an earlier post, I might as well have it running in a Lincolnshire garden. Where are all the big beasties? I see enough […]

Spring is here

spring tree

It looks like Spring has finally arrived and the many colours of blossom on the trees are in stark contrast to this year’s miserable grey Winter. It’s funny how the mind changes and one develops a different perspective when the weather changes and nature comes to life again. The forest beckons and I want to […]

Cute but creepy eye Trailcam IR


Sometimes I get footage on my trailcam that I just can’t easily identify. On this occasion, I can definitely say it’s an eye – but to which creature does it belong? Due to its location it won’t be anything domesticated, and it’s definitely a predator of some description. The game camera was fastened to a […]

White Stork flying with snake


This is a shot of the White Stork flying with the snake in its giant beak, just to give some idea of how huge these birds are. When they fly overhead they block the sunlight and their wingbeat is very loud.

First snake and white stork of the year


This weekend we stayed at the house because of the beautiful weather. It was amazing to finally see blue skies, greenery, different coloured blossoms and an abundance of wildlife (plus listen to all the birdsong). It gave me chance to spend sometime in the forest where I can let my thoughts go and just absorb […]

Cheeky Inquisitive Beech Marten

    I’ve always had problems trying to film Pine and Beech Martens because they can detect the Infrared from the trailcam. This young one was just plain curious and decided to check out the strange contraption. It’s a Beech (or Stone) Marten, an almost identical cousin of the Pine Marten. They’re all called kuna […]

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