My Daily Life at the Cottage during Winter (video)


A cottage in one of the wildest and most beautiful areas of Europe during a long, freezing cold Winter. Life here is both a daily challenge and a great source of joy. I’m often asked why I live where I do, and in this short video I try to explain my reasoning. Traditional rural life is something we should all hope to experience during our short time on Earth, and sadly it is becoming harder to do. Everyone should try it, if but for just a short time, to help them reconnect with Nature and learn more about themselves. Each season is completely different here, with different tasks, different challenges, different ups and downs, and completely different landscapes. This video shows the stark beauty of winter surrounded by forested hills and a snowscape. The reality of cottage life during a deep freeze. A cottage or a cabin, even a tent, is an excellent source of escape from busy city life. I guess this video is about my daily life story about living a peaceful life by moving to a rural area, in winter…



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