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Bushcraft Magazine Summer Issue

bushcraft magazine summer

I’d completely forgotten to post this – Bushcraft Magazine‘s Summer Issue features a couple of pieces by me. There’s a how-to-make a Valaska, a Carpathian shepherd’s walking axe, and another true forest horror story. Order a copy or, better yet, subscribe for a year’s worth. It’s the best magazine on the subject out there.

Back in the Bush for the Rut

carpathian red deer herd

It always takes me a while to re-adjust to living in the “back of beyond” (as my friend Dominic calls it) after returning from the UK. The best way, I find, is to spend as much time at the house as possible and go out every day into the forest, or for long country walks, […]

Yamaha 1700 Roadstar

yamaha roadstar 1700

I haven’t ridden Feisty, my Aprilia Pegaso Mk1, for a while due to overheating issues. I’ve been so fixated on getting Vlochka, My Land Rover Discovery, into working order for long distance travelling that I sort of neglected my motorbike this year – which is a major shame because it was a scorching hot summer. […]

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