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how to prepare for a winter storm

How to Prep for a Winter Storm – 93% are unprepared for a blizzard

There’s a monster snow storm incoming with hurricane winds, icy roads and heavy snowfall. What should you do to prepare for a Winter Storm like Izzy? Last year, Texas suffered massively from the Deep Freeze because it wasn’t prepared – it looks like the same will happen again this year, along with New York. Don’t let yourself or your family suffer from the same icy conditions. After years of weathering extremely harsh Winters in a remote village in Central Eastern Europe, I have learned from experience what to do to prepare for severe Winter conditions. In this video, I give you several tips on what you should do to ready yourself, your family and your property so that you can get through the worst of what Nature can throw at you unscathed. I cover everything from preparing your property to what clothing, food and bedding you will need. Act now and act fast. Don’t get caught out. Blizzards can cause widespread devastation. Don’t become a statistic – one of the many who needs to go looking for a hand out. Become self reliant with these simple tips and be the one others come to for help when the world becomes an icy nightmare.

How to Prep for a Winter Storm – 93% are unprepared for a blizzard



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