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Bushcraft Magazine Winter 2017/108 issue

Bushcraft Magazine UK Winter 2017 2018-p01

This issue features one of my true horror stories from the forest – White Out – plus my photo of wolf tracks in the snow is on the cover. Order yourself a copy or sign up for a subscription here – The Bushcraft Magazine. Bushcraft Magazine is suited for both beginners and experts and covers […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We get plastic Irish pubs out here but they don’t even know it’s St Patrick’s Day and I don’t fancy sitting in a half-empty overpriced establishment watching Rhianna on a widescreen…. I miss the days when there were queues to get into a pub on St Paddy’s Day and it involved lots of drinking, poon, […]

Batik added to my clothing collection

batik clothes drying on line

I’ve now added Batik to my clothing line – dyed natural fabrics and textiles. It’s quite a fun process and there’s an element of surprise to how it turns out. Each item is utterly unique. You can check out the line here –Batik design clothing Keep coming back as I’ll be adding more and expanding […]

Bushcraft Magazine Spring 2016


Make sure you order a copy of Bushcraft Magazine. This Spring 2016 edition is the 10th anniversary issue and features both an article of mine (Watch out, there are boar about!) and a couple of my true forest horror stories. You can order a copy here – Like it says on the cover – […]

A Year in the Bush in the Carpathian Mountains


I was lucky enough to have grown up in a family which attempted (for a few years) to live the ‘Good Life’ – to live self sufficiently whilst still being part of modern society. I was lucky enough to have gone through Cubs and Scouts, CCF and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, and to […]

How to get your life in order – the Money Diary


  A few months back, my wife and I were sitting in the house, arguing about whether to buy something or not (I can’t even honestly remember what it was). As with most people, the majority of our arguments come down to money, or lack of it. We had the money to buy whatever it […]

How to live my own life


  One of the hardest things to do in life is to be your own self. From birth we are massively affected by our surroundings, our families, our education, our socio-economic situation. Everyone has dreams of who or what they want to be and how they want to live. Part of what causes unhappiness in […]

Make a to-do list for your life


  Many years back, a wise old school friend (who now owns the excellent graphics company suggested that I make a list of 10 things I wanted to do or have in life, and then go do them. The object is to keep this list in focus and concentrate all effort on fulfilling each […]

Metanoite – how to be happy and change your way of thinking


  You’re probably wondering what the blog is all about. The answer is actually quite simple. Well, firstly it’s about my daily life. However, it’s also about a quest. I don’t know if it’s the modern world or people in general, but there currently seems to be a massive surge of people asking ‘How […]

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