Bushcraft Magazine Autumn 2017 – Biker Bushcraft!

edward o'toole bushcraft magazine cover

This issue of The Bushcraft Magazine is a particularly special one for me. Not only does it feature my latest true horror story from the woods (The Beast Beyond The Door), but it also has my latest article – Biker Bushcraft (a crossover between two activities I’m very passionate about, both of which go very nicely together). What’s more is that my ugly mug graces the cover (I’m wearing the cut of my motorcycle club, Tilters)! My more aesthetically pleasing wife can be found within…


Get yourself a copy and order a subscription. Steve Kirk, the editor, shows in this issue that all Bushcraft themes have not yet been covered and that he, and his contributors, continue to push the boundaries of what make this activity so fascinating to so many. Don’t forget it’s Christmas coming up and a subscription would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves the great outdoors and Nature.


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