I was wrong about the thaw…


Ok, so I was wrong about it being the end of Winter. The temperature does climb a little above zero during the day (3 degrees centigrade feels tropical) but then it plummets to minus 10 at night, which means that everything that’s melt becomes ice. Walking is a nightmare as the ground, pavement and roads are like sheets of black glass. And it snowed again so everything is still white.

I’ve no idea how many animals and birds will survive this winter. It just drags on and on. My motorbike is due its MOT in less than 2 months and it needs some major repairs, yet I can’t get it to the nearest possible mechanic because of the ice and snow. This is Snowvakia!

On a more positive mote, the long harsh Winter has given me chance to finish a couple of paintings I prepped several months back.



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