Make a to-do list for your life


  Many years back, a wise old school friend (who now owns the excellent graphics company suggested that I make a list of 10 things I wanted to do or have in life, and then go do them. The object is to keep this list in focus and concentrate all effort on fulfilling each […]

Metanoite – how to be happy and change your way of thinking


  You’re probably wondering what the blog is all about. The answer is actually quite simple. Well, firstly it’s about my daily life. However, it’s also about a quest. I don’t know if it’s the modern world or people in general, but there currently seems to be a massive surge of people asking ‘How […]

First Post – Thrival


  This is the first post on my all-new blog. I need something to lay the foundations for where the blog will go and where my mind is at. After much deliberation, this phrase does the job. I personally also like the word “Thrival”.

Immense Eurasian Lynx

eurasian lynx infrared

I knew there were Eurasian Lynx up in the heavily forested hills surrounding the village but I didn’t expect to find such an immense one wandering around a few hundred metres behind my house. I filmed it in the little wooded gully where I captured badger, pine marten, red squirrel, boar and red deer on […]

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