Czechoslovak Wolf Dog


Yesterday, we visited my sister-in-law to combine my name day and her birthday. In reality it was because the kids wanted to see their cousin’s new dog – a 5-month-old Czechoslovak Wolfdog named Jacky. For those who don’t know, a Wolfdog is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Carpathian Wolf. They’re a bit of a pot-luck breed with some making excellent dogs (originally designed to guard), and some retaining too many wolf idiosyncrasies to be of any use in a domestic environment.

Jacky was extremely please to meet us and play, which is a good sign. Wolfdogs can be very nervous and skittish but he went straight into the jumping and gnawing as any dog pup at his age would. Because he’s still got milk teeth they’re extremely sharp and his play biting was quite painful but he was really sweet and remarkably obedient, coming to his name when called. His owner, my childrens’ cousin, has started obedience classes with him so hopefully he’ll become more manageable as he grows, and becomes socialized.

Wolfdogs are really beautiful dogs and it’s easy to confuse them with a wolf, which is one reason I can’t have one in my village as, if it escaped, it would get shot very quickly.

Jacky when first released from his cage:


Very affectionate for a Wolfdog:





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