My first painting of 2018


I really didn’t think I would paint this year but after seeing a stunning abstract in a restaurant the other day I was inspired to do one. It’s acrylic, rather than my usual oil, and the canvas is 100 by 70cm. It’s entitled “Only Natural”. I hadn’t planned on doing so but maybe I’ll think about arranging another exhibition for later on in the year.

  • avatar image Reply Dane Thomas 23 Jan 2018

    Hey Edward, thanks for the reply.

    Keep the art a dominate element within you life…from one artist to another, this form of expression is vital to our personal and emotional development…and as I hit 50 this year I’m more aware of this fact than ever before in my life.

    I’m very impressed with your work, beautiful…keep it up!

    As for living in Bratislava, well, my wife’s a city girl, however, I’m working on convincing her our future lies closer to nature…subsequently a chata is on the cards…result!

    As well as fondly remembering her annual holidays to the Tatras camping and lighting fires, (along with ‘wild bear’ deterrent techniques ?) her best friend is from Kosice so hopefully I can drag her east.

    Enjoy the rest of winter…springs coming.


    PS LOVE THE TAT…I HAVE MANY MYSELF AND YES IT GETS WORSE (BETTER) AS I AGE…More to come…suits older guys better I reckon…we know what we want huh?

    • avatar image Reply Edward 25 Jan 2018

      Kosice is only the beginning of the East… you’ll still need to drive a couple of hours into the bush to where I’m at :) Hopefully you’ll both come and visit at some point

  • avatar image Reply Dane Thomas 30 Jan 2018

    That’s very kind thank you Edward…standby ??

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