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Last week a friend of mine was telling me about some ghost footage he’d seen online and asked if, when I was doing my ghost hunting several years back, I had ever seen one. I showed him a copy of Carpathian Ghost Hunter but the photo I’d wanted to use as an example looked terrible – too small, and black and white. Today, while trying to find another photo, I came across a better version of it. It’s still not the original, as that was much larger, but this was the reduced size version I’d had up on my old carpathianghosthunter website.

Still, it does the job. Even now it creeps me out. It crept me out even more when I first took the photo – I actually dropped the camera in shock. I’d been using the opposing mirror technique in a very dark and creepy, ancient and subterranean, location, with just one other man present.

Three dimensional and full colour. It’s a shame she doesn’t have eyes….

Here’s a little tune to listen to while you stare into those abyss-like depths, the first 14 minutes is my favourite dark tune – Lustmord’s Black Star

  • avatar image Dane Thomas 30 Jan 2018

    Spooky as hell….I’m also, whilst deer hunting in the woods (I always take just one and only return when my wife, son , me and the cats have eaten it), very aware of the animal ghosts that still haunt the ‘wilds’ of England…since we exterminated them all. The woods remember and I can feel the memories that still linger within.

    It must feel incredible to be near raw nature.

    • avatar image Edward 30 Jan 2018

      If you want to read about spooky forest stuff then you should subscribe to Bushcraft Magazine.. Every issue features one of my true tales of the woods. They’re all true and they are scary. I’ve been writing them for a couple of years now for the magazine so you’ll need to check back issues as well. There are some really, really scary things that happen out here. There are a lot more things than ghosts in the woods, and also in the UK. The forest has memories of other times.

  • avatar image Dane Thomas 30 Jan 2018

    I fully understand what you imply Edward….sometimes even though my biggest threat is a rabbit my senses detect a malice in the air….my guess is that I’m judged as a farmer which we now all are…the sole reason why wild spaces have been destroyed and threatened for the past 10000ish years.

    Ah, Bushcraft Magazine….avid follower and subscriber for the past 3 years ?. Thoroughly enjoy your articles as the spiritual, mystical side of nature is often neglected…great stuff.

    However, your tales bloody scare me. A visit to the woods is now much more exciting….terrifying lol….which is maybe as it should be.

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